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French Drains

Areas with a lot of rain or a high ground water table can result in very damp or wet basement conditions. French drains are installed in basements where ground and surface water have penetrated and damaged building foundations. A french drain is essentially a trench around the inside perimeter of the basement, filled with gravel and perforated pipe. When ground water seeps into the french drain, it is routed through the pipe to a collection basin.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a submersible pump used to remove basement water that has accumulated in the basin. When the water enters via the french drain of a basement waterproofing system. Sump pumps force water away from a house to a place where it is no longer problematic, such as a municipal storm drain or a dry well. Sump pumps run on electricity. Since water problems and severe storms go hand in hand, it is important to have a battery backup.

Dry Wells

A dry well is an underground structure that disposes of unwanted water, by dissipating it into the ground, where it merges with the local groundwater. A dry well is a covered, porous-walled chamber that allows water to slowly soak into the ground. Water enters the top of the dry well from pipes or channels, and dispels the water through small holes in the sides and bottom of the dry well.

Mold Remediation

A-1 Sta-Dry Waterproofing offers complete mold remediation services to help make your home healthy. Mold causes allergies and serious respiratory illnesses. Wet or damp basements can be a source of visible or hidden mold growth, behind sheetrock, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, or under carpeting. Remediation includes initially drying the area, without spreading the mold dust and spores. Carefully kill mold with a biocide. Dead mold and residual chemicals must then be removed.

Refinishing and Renovations

Once the basement has been waterproofed and cleared of any mold and mildew, the crew at A-1 Sta-Dry can renovate, remodel and refinish your basement, turning it into a valuable, living space.

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