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Because of the high ground water table in many areas of the state, wet or damp basements are a real problem in many New Jersey homes. Water penetrates the foundation, creating unhealthy conditions such as mold and mildew, or puddling and even flooding. Wet basements render the area unusable for storage or living space, possibly damaging your furnace, hot water heater and washer/dryer. And it can decrease the value of your home.

Buckets and mops are not the answer. If you’re living with a water problem in your home, you need a permanent solution. A-1 Sta-Dry Waterproofing Company offers a full lineup of drainage options and waterproofing services to New Jersey property owners. We take care of the problem by getting to the root of the cause and eliminating it.

A-1 Sta-Dry Waterproofing is not a faceless national chain. We’re your local New Jersey “family owned and operated” Waterproofing experts. We determine how the water is getting into your basement, and provide waterproofing solutions to rid your basement of water, dampness, mold and mildew, creating a dry, usable space. We can also remodel it into a finished room for your family to enjoy safely for years to come.

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